Installing Car Decals

Car decals can be customized by shape, size, color, and design. This capability creates a major advantage for the product. Decals are made to look as if painted on the car’s body and along with the versatility of the material the possibilities it presents to a car owner are endless.

Installing custom decals can be an intimidating task. The adhesive on the vinyl material gives an owner just one shot to install correctly. It must be done slowly, but when done with precision the decals will look great.

Step 1
Clean the car and allow it to fully dry. If the car was recently waxed allow a few days for the wax to fully-cure so that it does that disrupt the decal applying to the surface of the vehicle. Non-cured wax will cause adhesion issues.

Step 2
Secure the decal to the body with masking tape so that it does not shift while you stick it on. If the decal is too big for one person, grab a partner.

Step 3
Begin to lift the decal upward and peel off the backing paper. Do not remove the entire backing paper at once, if you do the decal will curl and wrinkle. Remove small sections one at a time.

Step 4
Using a squeegee or fingers, apply the decal slowly. When squeezing out air bubbles start from the middle and move outward. Slowly go about the process.

Step 5
As soon as the entire decal is installed, double check for bubbles and any remaining wrinkles. If bubbles will not come out, use a pin to pop them and flatten out the material with your finger.

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  1. Thanks for the procedure and some tips. What I am really afraid of is when the installation is not properly done leading to displacement or bubble formation. It is not easy to install these things that is why the help of a professional is advised.