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Tata Motors launches bulletproof Safari in India

     It is the first time in the Indian automobile history that a vehicle manufacturer has launched a bulletproof variant. India’s home grown automobile manufacturer Tata Motors has launched an armored Safari SUV which costs Rs. 60 lakh, making it the cheapest armored vehicle in the country. The vehicle can be purchased directly from the Tata Motors dealers unlike other bulletproof vehicles which has to be modified after sales. The bulletproof Safari though would sell in few numbers, it will definitely grab the attention of politicians and high profile businessmen in India.

     You will hardly find any difference in the bulletproof Safari from outside, but it can withstand an underbelly hand grenade explosion without affecting the fuel tank, thanks to the use of explosive suppressant material. The glass area can also withstand heavy artillery and ammunitions.

     The bulletproof Safari has got NIJ Level III/B6 protection and car run for 50 Km distance with flat tyres at the speed of 50-60 Kmpl. Suspension systems has been fine-tuned to manage the added weight of armory. The vehicles done 150 Kmpl as top speed and can ascend a slope of 60%.

     Last year Tata Motors had launched armored versions of Land Rover vehicles.

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