Volkswagen Blue Motion Technologies in Passat

     Volkswagen launched it Passat with new Blue Motion Technology. So what is Blue Motion Technology? Blue Motion technology reduces the carbon footprint of the car drastically and enhances fuel effecieny and still maintains the fun for driving.

The Blue Motion Technologies incorporated in the all new Passat

Optimized Gear Ratios:
     The smart technology helps the manual and DSG transmission to optimize for longer ratios, early upshifts and delayed downshifts for increased energy efficiency for smarter drivability.

Auto Start Stop:
     The Auto Start stop mechanism works mainly during city traffic. The engine automatically turns off when you take the foot off the clutch in case of manual transmission. In case of DSG transmission the engine shuts of when you take the foot off the accelerator. With the depressing of the clutch (manual transmission) or accelerator (DSG transmission) the engine restarts automatically. In the process precious fuel is saved automatically.

Brake Energy Recuperation:
     During braking, the kinetic energy is converted into electricity and stored in the battery. So the act of braking recharges the battery – the more you brake, the further you can go.

Gear Shift Indicator:
     This feature helps the driver to shift gears at optimum time preventing the energy loss while shifting gears. This inturn adds up to the fuel efficiency.

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