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Changing Your Car Tyre: Far from Rocket Science [Infographic]

Sometimes, drivers will experience the misfortune of a flat tire while travelling. While some may consider calling their insurance agent or a tow company (especially if they do not have a spare tyre on hand), it is a much wiser idea to change the tire yourself. This is actually a very simple process, as long as you know what to expect.

You should secure, or chock, the tyres that are located on the opposite side of the vehicle from the flat, and activate the handbrake while the vehicle is in park. Be sure to set up roadside flares or safety triangles, along with activating your hazard lights.

Once your vehicle is prepared, begin by loosening the lug nuts on the flat tyre. This will also involve removing hubcaps or any trim. Sometimes, the lug nuts may be too tight, and it can involve serious effort to loosen them. One option is to use your feet and body weight to lightly bounce on the tyre iron, in order to gradually loosen it. You should be careful when doing this, as it can be a dangerous task if you are not gentle. One nut should be left intact, so that the tyre remains in place while you lift the vehicle.

Using your jack, prop the vehicle up until the weight is completely removed from the flat. You should then remove the last lug nut. You then remove the wheel, and clean the mating surface to eliminate any dirt or grime. You should also use an anti-seize compound, to prevent a stuck wheel later on.

Once you slide the new wheel onto the vehicle, you should place the lug nuts back on while only tightening them by hand. To center the tyre, spin it a few times. Once you have done this, tighten the lug nuts once again with the tyre iron; then, you may lower the vehicle. You should perform one final tightening once it is lowered to ensure that the wheel is completely secure.

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