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Scoop: Renault Scala spied just before the launch

     Ever since Renault hinted about a sedan launch from its stable, we had lot of curiosity of how would a Renault sedan would look. But what we see now is just a rebadged Nissan Sunny which will be sold in the name of Renault Scala in India. Of course you can see little changes in the front and rear which make Scala look bit different than the Sunny.

     To remind, Renault had launched Pulse which is again a rebadged Micra. The Pulse is selling less than quarter of the Micra sales and its surprising to see what prompted Renault to launch a Nissan car again with its badge. Renault has already done in mistake in the form of Logon which has dented its image of a premium car maker and we doubt these strategies of cost cutting by means of badge and light cosmetic change will restore Renault’s brand identity.

     Coming back to Scala, the front end reminds you of the Pulse, the you Bulgarian Bulldog front grill looks prominent. We came across many articles where Pulse face has been appreciated compared to the Micra’s we feel the Nissan cars have a better looking front end. In the rear you find redesigned tail lamps which indeed look better than the Sunny. As seen in the picture, the alloy wheels have been carried from the Pulse and no changes in the interior except for the Renault logo on the steering wheel.

     The Scala is powered by a set of 1.5L petrol and diesel engines with 98 and 85 bhp respectively. Yes they are the same engines which power the Nissan sedan. Renault will price Scala bit higher than the Sunny, keeping in mind the brand hierarchy in the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Final words from us – Renault has a long way to go in India!!!

Picture Source: Autocarindia
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