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Start your Hyundai with a smart phone by 2014

Hyundai’s Near Field Communication and Blue Link technology to make cars more technologically advance.

Starting a car with the mobile phone is not far away. Be it banking or food processing, technology is moving forward to reach the common man and the automobile industry is not lagging behind. Hyundai recently demonstrated smart phone based connectivity concept for cars. Using smart phone NFC (Near Field Communication) Hyundai wants to use smart phones to unlock the car and to start it as well. Isn’t it technology at its best? Well how does it happen? Here it is...

You have to just swipe your smart phone at a sensor placed outside driver’s door and the car unlocks. Again by swiping the phone at the on-board touch screen you can start the car which means there will be no key knob. Paring the smart phone with the touch screen you can sync all your contacts and apps along with navigation destinations and streaming audio. With voice recognition features you can shout any commands and the system will respond to it, helping the drivers searching and reaching the destination easily.

Google has announced that Hyundai and Kia will integrate Google Maps and Places into its telematics systems. Hyundai’s Blue Link technology and Kia’s UVO services will soon help drivers to use Google Maps and Places on board the car. Since all these features are based on current technology, they could be available as early as 2014. So does the next generation i10 come with all these features? We feel definitely it does as Hyundai are good at tapping the market before anybody does.

Demo - Near Field Communications (NFC)

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Angela said...

This is really cool but what happens if you lose your phone, someone you know takes your phone without your permissions and takes your car or someone flat out steals your phone and steals your car?

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