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Renault launches Scala CVT Automatic with 17.97 Kmpl of mileage

Renault has launched the Scala CVT Automatic with the next generaton X-tronic CVT transmission. 

It was Nissan Sunny which was expected to come with an automamtic transmission, but its partner Renault has taken an upper hand by launching the Scala automatic variant. Renault claims the Scala automatic variant will deliver 17.97 Kmpl of fuel efficiency. Nissan Sunny might follow soon with an automatic variant.

With increasing city traffic, automatic variants are slowly picking up in India. But as of now there is no diesel automatics offered by any car manufacturers here in under Rs. 10 lakh segment. The Scala automatic is not different; it comes in only petrol variants. So will the diesel automatics are the next big thing? We certainly think so...

Some bits about Renault Scala CVT -

1. It comes with the next-generation X-tronic CVT transmission.
2. Impressive figures of 17.97 Kmpl.
3. Available in RxL and RxZ petrol variants.
4. It is just 30 Kg heavier than the manual variant.

Here is what Marc Nassif – MD, Renault India Pvt. Ltd. Said during the launch of the car - “With more and more cars on the road as well as frequent stop-and-go traffic, India has been seeing an increase in demand for automatic sedans in recent years. However, despite the growing interest for these cars, petrol automatic vehicles are still limited to a 6% share in the premium sedan segment because they deliver lower mileage and higher cost of ownership. The Scala X-tronic CVT aims to bridge this gap by offering class-leading fuel efficiency, reliability and performance. With the next-generation X-tronic transmission, customers will be able to experience a new technological benchmark in automatic transmission, which offers a smoother ride, convenience and savings, making the Scala CVT an attractive choice for those opting for an automatic premium sedan.”

Renault has still not announced the price of Scala CVT, but we guess it will cost Rs. 50,000 more than the regular manual transmission model.

What is X-Tronic Transmission?

According to Renault –

The X-tronic CVT combines innovative structure and the flexibility of a CVT transmission to offer world-class fuel efficiency and performance. The transmission’s use of an auxiliary gearbox enables the world’s highest transmission ratio, even broader than 7-speed automatic transmissions, aimed at achieving light weight, compactness, and fuel efficiency.

Currently, conventional CVT transmissions use larger pulleys to achieve higher transmission ratio, but are often constrained by the space limitations of small cars. The new-generation X-tronic CVT overcomes this obstacle and achieves the widest range of transmission ratio coverage (3.46:1) using a sub planetary gear, allowing smaller pulleys to reach higher transmission ratio. It also achieves reduced oil stirring friction by increasing the distance between surface of transmission oil and pulleys. With this pioneering arrangement, the X-tronic CVT transmission produces around 30% less friction and is 10% smaller as well as 13% lighter than conventional CVT models.

In terms of ride quality, X-tronic CVT transmission allows for infinite gear change ratios, leading to smoother gear shifting, accurate speed control, smooth and stable engine braking, better responsiveness to quick throttle and, above all, a smoother driving experience. With its flexibility, the transmission avoids the shift-shock fluctuations in torque transmission experienced with conventional automatic transmission while also maintaining optimum torque.
Source: MotorBeam
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Shayri said...

All automatics give better mileage than Mannuals. I am driving one to say that. You just have to drive sensibly and not accelerate like a rocket.

Anonymous said...

I sure you are not driving your car in India...

workshop said...

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