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New Honda CR-V to be launched on 12th February, to cost less

Next Generation Honda CR-V 2013 launch in India with less cost than the current model.

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are known for their bulky look, ruggedness and off-road capabilities with driving dynamics and comfort as a last option. But the Honda CR-V SUV has a different definition. The CR-V might look like an SUV, but in terms of driving and handling, it makes the best of the luxury cars shy away with it. No wonder Politian in Karnataka prefer CR-Vs to any luxury car. The creature comfort in a CR-V is almost next to none in its segment.

We all know Honda has launched the fourth generation CR-V in international markets and will soon launch it in India as well. The spy pictures of the new CR-V have been published in the web during its test runs around Noida. The good news is that Honda will launch the new CR-V 2013 in India on 12th of February 2013. In fact Honda’s Indian website has already updated the CR-V page with the new vehicle’s pictures.

The fourth generation Honda CR-V 2013 SUV, though some call it as a crossover will be launched in India with much lower price than the current model. The new Honda CR-V 2013 will be assembled in India unlike the currently model which was imported as Completely Built Unit from Japan and hence commanded extra tax duties. Assembling the new Honda CR-V 2013 in India helps Honda cuts cost which can be passed on to the customers. The current CR-V is selling at Rs. 28 lakh and we expect the new one will be priced around Rs. 20 to 22 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi). The new Honda CR-V 2013 will be assembled at Honda’s Noida plant.

The new Honda CR-V will come with 2 engine options. A 2.0L 153 Bhp i-VTEC engine will power the 2WD models and the bigger 2.4L 185 Bhp will do the duty on the All Wheel Drive (AWD) model. Honda will retain the 6 speed manual and 5 speed automatic gearbox on the new CR-V as well. The new Honda CR-V features as improved suspension system and full length under body tray from low NVH levels. The vehicle is expected to be priced between Rs. 20 – 22 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

No diesel option

Now the big question is, does the new Honda CR-v 2013 come with a diesel engine? No, Honda has no plans to launch the diesel variant of Honda CR-V 2013 in India. Probably later Honda might consider diesel as an option, but we have to wait till the Amaze diesel gets going in the Indian market. With recent proposal of deregulation of diesel prices in India, Honda might stick on to its renowned petrol power trains for new Honda CR-V 2013.
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Ryan Moore said...

Honda is one of the leading vehicles producing company in the world. Now it has launched its new vehicle Honda CRV. The car is unique in it as it is a different sports car. Other sports car are generally bulky in nature but it is a light weight car and with amazing fuel efficiency and mileage. It can run on two different engines and has created huge change in the world of automobiles. People should definitely like the car.

taxi in guildford said...

its good to know about it. Now as you open this secret i will buy my first car in November month so i can get it in lower price. Thanks for sharing.

sgagvaz said...

UI like it

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