India bound Mercedes Benz A Class pictures revealed on net

     Mercedes Benz announced its small cars A Class and B Class entry into India couple of weeks ago. Now we have got the pictures of the car probably leaked from the European Patent Office.

     Mercedes which is facing heat from its competitors – Audi and BMW in the luxury car segment. In order to maintain the profit margin the company has decided to tap the untapped small luxury car segment and hence decided to launch it small cars A Class and B Class in India. To make things worse for Mercedes, players such as Volvo and Jaguar are slowly chipping in with their next generation cars in India.

     The A Class will be Font Wheel Drive vehicle unlike other Mercedes cars which are all Rear Wheel Drive. Under the hood of the A Class will be a 2.0 turbocharged four cylinder petrol engine with 210 Bhp of power. Expect the A Class to be priced at Rs. 15 lakh.

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