Men more stressed than women in traffic jams

     Stuck up in a traffic jam with your wife beside you? Get off the wheel and let your wife drive the car. A research study conducted by satellite navigation company Tom Tom, Men stress level raises seven times that of the women’s when stuck up in a traffic jam.

     British psychologists reached to this conclusion after testing the saliva of volunteers for rise in stress chemicals when caught up in a traffic jam.During the study, the stress levels raised by 8.7% in women as compared to 60% in men during traffic jams.

     Psychologists explain the phenomenon of men beign more stressed during traffic jams is because of their normal resonse to a difficult situation – either fight or flight. That is men normally either confront it or walk away from the situation. Since they cannot do anything about the traffic jams, they sit and get nervous. On the other hand, women cope up to these kind of situation better – either by singing a tune on the radio or calling up friends to relieve pressure.
Source: Carscoop

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