Is this the 2012 Honda CR-V?

     It was reported that Honda will delay its next generation CR-V project due to Japan disaster. But what we see from the picture is a test mule of the new CR-V with covered front end and D pillar.

     If the vehicle in the picture is indeed the new CR-V, then expect the new CR-V to have a 3rd row of seats. The rear end of the vehicle seems to be bulging to accommodate a third row. The tail lights seem to be of like the Volvo XC90 extending from the roof on the D pillar.

     Since there is news about the next generation Volvo XC90 in development, the test mule vehicle could also be the new XC90. Well let’s wait for more clear pictures to emerge.

Source: Autoblog, Image: Robert Whitley/Brenda Priddy & Company

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