How can Tata Indica eV2 give 25 Kmpl?

    As in the Tata Indica eV2 ad, in which a customer is surprised to know the mileage of the Indica eV2, you could as well be equally surprised. How can the same Indica which was launched 12 years ago with around 20 Kmpl could deliver 25 Kmpl now? Here is how it happens

     Tata Motors have done some technical changes to the Indica eV2 which makes it the most fuel efficient car.

1. The front end of the car has been reworked to be more aerodynamic, with the air flow around the front end is now smooter.
2. Brake calipers have been redesigned for smoother passage of air. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software was used to design the caliper
3. The tyres have been changed to low-rolling resistance rubber one which delivers better fuel effecicenty as the rolling friction is less. The wheel and tryes weigh less now.
4. New bearings on the suspension work well with the new tyre-wheel configuration
5. DICOR engine has been tuned to meet BS4 emission norms. ECU mapping and injection systems have been revised.
6. The engine cranks only if the clutch is engaged there by protecting the starter motor.

     We at Automobile Planet think, if Tatas can do this to Indica why can’t they do it to the other vehicles as well. Or, do we see such technology being used in other Tata vehicles in the near future?
Source: Indianautosblog

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  1. Good to see Tata improving on tech aspect, but overall built quality of Tata vehicles should be improved.

  2. Could you please tell me the mileage and showroom price of Tata Indica??? Reply soon.