Petrol price hiked by Rs. 5 per liter, diesel price to follow soon

     The Union Government of India has hiked the price of petrol by Rs. 5 just within 24 hours of the election results. We had mentioned earlier about the fuel price hike recommended by RBI to Govt. on India to maintain the fiscal deficit. Oil companies were facing huge losses due to raising international crude price.

     This is the 7th time in 11 months petrol prices have gone up. If you are thinking this is not enough, there is still more hard news to come. The diesel and cooking gas prices are also going to be up by Rs. 4 per liter and Rs. 25-50 per cylinder respectively.

Here are the new petrol prices in different cities of India

Bangalore – Rs. 71.10/liter
New Delhi – Rs.63.37/liter
Mumbai – Rs. 68.33/liter
Kolkata – Rs. 67.71/liter
Chennai – Rs. 67.22/liter

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