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All new Maruti Alto 800 spied again, to come with SRS airbags and CNG variant

     The Maruti’s next generation Alto 800, which will replace the legendary 800 and Alto has been spied again, now without any camouflage. This means the launch is around the corner, probably by Diwali.

     What is more interesting is the SRS airbag in the new Alto 800. Maruti is planning to price the car under Rs. 2 lakh and with a car with airbag at such price will certainly cause flutter in the market. Of course the airbag fitted car will be price on the higher side as it is likely to come in the top end variant. Even then if the top end Maruti Alto 800 is priced at Rs. 3 lakh, it will be first car in its class to have airbags.

     The other interesting thing is the CNG variant of the car. You can clearly see CNG sticker in the picture above which means a CNG variant will be available right from the launch.

     The interior pictures of Alto 800 have been spied too which look better than the current car. Round A/C knobs and power windows incorporated in central console are the main highlights. You can also see space for newspaper holding the in the dashboard at passenger side. The A/C vents in the centre are designed nicely and the lateral ones are round in shape.

     The new Alto 800 might not win your heart from its looks. You can see many cars merged into one, that’s what you feel the designers of Maruti have done with this car. Though not pretty, the Alto 800 looks decent like its preceder and with its price will give tough time for Tata Nano.

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