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Nissan not partner with Bajaj on ULC project

     The ambitious Ultra Low Cost (ULC) project of Bajaj Auto Ltd. seems to be heading nowhere. In 2009 Bajaj had an agreement with Renault-Nissan for contract manufacturing of an low cost car which could be sold under Renault-Nissan brand. Seeing the prototype of the car RE60, Nissan has announced that it will not partner with Bajaj in making the low cost car. Will this mean Nissan will develop a low cost car on its own? It might be so as the company is working on a low cost Micra for the developing markets .

     Nissan-Renault had hoped Bajaj Auto will develop a lost cast car which could be rivalled against Tata Nano. But what Bajaj Auto developed in the form of RE60 was a low cost 4 wheeler which had no essence of a car. The overall design was no where rear the Nano and so do the mechanicals, engine, windows etc. We might see Bajaj launching its low cost vehicle in mass passenger movement segment soon.
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