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Nissan Micra Accessories Price List

Accessories Price list of Nissan Micra in India

Alloy Wheel (Set of 4)
Rs.  26,780    
Blinker on Door Mirror(LED)
Rs.  5,690      
Splash Guard
Rs.  496        
Body Side Moulding
Rs.  1,648      
Roof Spoiler
Rs.  3,275      
Front Protector
Rs.  10,480    
Side Protector
Rs.  13,995    
Rear Protector
Rs.  9,900      
Exhaust Finisher
Rs.  796        
Reverse Parking Sensor
Rs.  3,979      
Body Cover (TYVEK)
Rs.  2,415      
Body Cover (Silver)
Rs.  1,325
Kicking Plate (LED)
Rs. 5,690      
Seat Cover-Fabric (Blue & Beige)
Rs. 3,990      
Seat Cover-Fabric (Red & Black)
Rs. 3,990      
Seat Cover-Art Leather (Ivory & Greige)
Rs. 5,060      
Seat Cover-Art Leather (Black & Beige)
Rs. 5,060      
Seat Cover-Velvet
Rs. 5,495      
Seat Cover-Art Leather + Leather (Black & Red perf
Rs. 10,580    
Seat Cover-Leather (Cream)
Rs. 31,625    
Steering Cover (Black)
Rs. 525        
Steering Cover (Whipped cream)
Rs. 525        
Steering Cover (Black & Red)
Rs. 525        
Steering Cover (Greige & Ivory)
Rs. 525        
Carpet Mat (Black)
Rs. 1,230      
Carpet Mat (Greige)
Rs. 1,230      
PVC Transparent Mat
Rs. 1,100      
PVC Black Mat
Rs. 1,289      
Lugguage Mat
Rs. 479

*For all accessories fitment & painting charges will be extra if applicable. 
*Accessories may vary from image shown & are subject to change without prior notice. Contact local Dealer for details

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