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More powerful VW Polo diesel by 2014

     Volkswagen has confirmed that it will launch the Polo with a more powerful diesel engine in India by 2014. The new 1.5L diesel engine pumps out 95 Ps of power which is 23 Ps more than the current 1.2L engine.

     The 1.5L diesel has been developed with the same structure of the current 1.6L 4 cylinder diesel doing duty in Vento. As the 1.5L engine will be a four cylinder one it will be quieter than the current 1.2L three pot one.

     We feel just by putting a powerful eninge inot the Polo will work in India. The Polo, no doubt is a good car, but lacks some factors. The seating is low which makes difficult to gain entry and out, a strong factor cared by a conservative Indian customer. The interior space too is not in the league of  the B Segment car, so why would anybody buy a Polo just for driving pleasure. The Swift is a classic example of successful car in India. It has good space, good engine, good design and priced competitively. VW should take a leaf out of Swift success story.

     Having seen VW’s track record of making good cars, we fell the next generation Polo will be here by 2014 having a 1.5L diesel engine. Of course expect VW to work on the interior space in the new Polo. 
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