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Suzuki reveals S Cross compact concept at Paris Motor Show

     Suzuki today revealed its new S-Cross compact crossover at the ongoing 2012 Paris Motor Show. The S-Cross compact crossover will make into production by late next year. Suzuki aims to offer largest luggage areas in its class combined with four wheel drive performance in the form of S Cross concept. 

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mercedes repair calabasas said...

Competition is also a good phenomenon for improvement as well as new generation. Suzuki is now ready to cross over Paris motor .Competition is the father of new and better generation.

Harsima said...

Keeping growth or new changes by hand with the present era is a good phenomenon towards prosperous. No one should not maintain steady by archiving this. This achievement is not the least one but it is the benchmark of the better one.

Changes are bad as well as good. If changes towards better and positive way it is really beneficial to everyone. Mercedes-Benz E63 revolution is the best example of the positive of changes. After few year we can get Mercedes 63 in to a new look with advanced features and technology.

Gozalina said...

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