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Toyota Camry History

Toyota Camry has been a highly successful vehicle in Toyota’s history. The story of Camry dates back to 1982 when the first generation Camry was launched. The name “Camry” has no meaning in the English dictionary, as it is derived from the Japanese word “Kanamuri”, which means “Crown”. Toyota incorporated this name in expectation that it would take the leadership in the mid-size passenger car market of the 80s, which it did rightly so. At present in 2011, the CAMRY has become one of Toyota’s most famous models, with a total of more than 14 million vehicles sold in more than 100 countries.

Birth of the Camry
Till late 70s and early 80s the mid-size passenger car market had rear wheel drive cars mainly dominated by Americans, Chevrolet Impala Ford Mustang were the famous cars then. These cars were not only big but were also fuel guzzlers. In around 1977, fuel restrictions and the second oil crisis, prompted automobile manufacturers worldwide to develop a compact front-engine, front-wheel drive (FF) vehicles. Toyota took this opportunity and started developing a FF car using all its technologies. The focus was mainly on the quality, durability and reliability and the result was the Camry, highly acclaimed around the world.

Generations of Camry

1st Generation - 1982 to 1986
The first generation Camry was sold from 1982 to 1986 setting a standard in the mid-size passenger cars. The first gen Camry was built with reduced weight with front-engine front-wheel drive propeller shafts. The highlight of this car was impressive interiors and good driving dynamics.

2st Generation – 1986 to 1991 
The 2nd generation set out to sweep away any tones of novelty and establish a world-class family sedan.

3st Generation – 1991-1996 
The 3rd generation Camry now had to compete with European brands such as BMW and Mercedes Benz which saw an opportunity and made refinements to create pioneering FF entry into the luxury sedans. But the 3rd gen Camry had an advantage of smooth ride and a silent cabin.

4th Generation – 1906 to 2001
Due to collapse of Japanese bubble economies, Japanese domestic market shifted towards light sport utility vehicle. A stronger yen allowed North American built Camry to realise its full potential.

5th Generation –2001 to 2006
The 5th generation Camry was designed to establish a new global benchmark and to suit the needs of the North American market. Features included a stylish new design, enhanced tactile quality and enlarged dimensions.

6th Generation – 2006 to 2012
The 6th Gen Camry was developed with a concept of creating global benchmark for mid size sedans with a key word "Rejuvenation" It offered 3 defining selling points - A stylish design with spacious interior, outstanding safety performance, & refined driving dynamics. The aim of the 6th generation was to rejuvenate the brand and capture a younger audience.

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