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A bike with 110 kmpl mileage? Here it is

     Four Bangalore based engineering students have designed a diesel engine powered motorcycle which delivers 110 Km per liter. The students are from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore . They designed a diesel motorcycle with auto clutch and gear guided by Dr. S.V. Prakash, the student’s project guide. The four students are Sanjay Bhushan, Nadeem Anwar, Tony Paul and Naveen who are in final year of their engineering course.

     The project was not easy for them. They worked for four months on the project in many workshops in Bangalore and Coimbatore . They spend around Rs. 72,000/- on the project and one of the students said the production cost can be reduced to Rs. 55,000 to 60,000/- if the vehicle is produced in mass.

     The students used a Kinetic Blaze and equipped it with a Bullet engine along with many other alterations. The 325cc bullet motor was reduced to 200cc, the flywheel weight was decreased by 7 Kgs and the max power was also decreased from 6.5 Bhp to 3.5 Bhp.

     The main highlight of this bike is its high mileage. The running cost of this bike is just 40 paise as compared to Rs. 1.70 of that of a regular petrol engined motorcycle. The auto clutch and gears ensure smooth operation and less pollution. Along with this the shelf life of diesel engine is almost double that of a petrol engine hence it is more durable.

India’s one of the largest engineering conglomerate Kirloskar Group has shown interest in the project and have offered any assistance needed by the students.
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