Sachin sells his gifted Ferrari, buys a Nissan GT-R sports car

     Sachin Tendulkar has sold his red Ferrari 360 Modena gifted to him by Fiat to a Surat based business man for an undisclosed amount. Souces say the decisicon to sell the car was a tough one for Sachin as it was gifted to him by Fiat through Michael Schumacher when he equaled Bradman’s 29th Test Century in 2002. Sachin friends reveal that, since people were aware of Sachin’s Ferrari, it was difficult for Little Maestro to drive on Mumbai roads as people would identify him and get attracted towards him.

     The little Maestro after selling his Ferrai has bought himself a Nissan GT-R sports car priced at $87,000 which is around Rs. 4 crore in Indian currency. The new Nissan GT-R sports car was flown from Dubai along with 2 engineers who demonstrated the vehicle at Sachin’s home in Bandra. With the Nissan GT-R sports car, Sachin has now 4 cars in his garage – 2 BMWs, a Skoda and Nissan GT-R.

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