Toyota Etios Liva diesel could be here anytime

     On the launching ceremony of the Etios Liva, Toytoa's top official has said that the company has all the expertise and technology of a diesel Liva but stayed away to mention the time frame for its launch.

     As we all know the diesel hatchback segment is the one which hotting up, thanks to the rise in petrol prices, Toyota would want its diesel Etios Liva to dominate the segment. Over 70% cars sold in the B segment hatch are diesel, be it Swift, Ritz, Polo or Micra.

     It is not sure weather Toyota will use its Yaris 1.4L diesel engine in the Etios Liva. Since the same engine does the duty on a bigger car Corolla Altis, Toyota might have developed a small diesel engine for the Etios Liva.

     Lot of buzz has been created about Liva taking on the Swift, but it is the diesel variants which should be focused on. Maruti is desperately working to launch the new Swift before the Liva diesel and if Toyota is wise enough (we feel it is), it should launch the diesel Liva as soon as possible.

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