Maruti Suzuki has found a new design theme in the form of Swift

     When the Swift was first launched in India, it was entirely a different design from the Maruti stable. We have seen boxy cars from Maruti till then and we do see some even today. The sporty muscular look was never the essence of a Maruti car. The Swift changed the company’s entire design language, to be precise it changed the company’s fortune as well.

     The Swift had a mixed reaction, some liked it, some criticized. With the launch of a diesel Swift a new winner was born which is still invincible in India. Did the diesel engine did the trick? Or was it the sporty muscular design of the car? We feel it’s the combination of the two which has worked for Maruti Suzuki.

     The Swift design has been carried on to the SX4, though SX4 has been built on Fiat’s SUV platform. The wheel arches and muscular body of SX4 does resemble the Swift to some extent.

     The new concept Splash, which is named as Ritz in India too has some DNA of the Swift. Now the new MPV from Maruti Suzuki too has all the ingredients of the Swift design. On the other hand the next generation Swift has some metamorphosis but it still sticks to the basic Swift design. With the way the company is going, we might see much more vehicles on the Swift design theme.

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