Maruti Suzuki R3 MPV – a combination of Suzuki’s new generation of cars

     Couple of days back, we posted some spy pictures of the Maruti R3 MPV being tested in Rajastan. The picture though could not give the complete view of the vehicle; the design aspect of it can be derived close to what actually the vehicle looks like.

     The front of the MPV resembles more with the next generation Swift and the Ritz. The waterfall headlamps going back up to the wheel arch is evident. The slot like grill is very similar to the new Swift and the fog lamps come closer to that of the Ritz. The rear view mirror looks to be borrowed from the Swift. The bonnet will definitely remind you of the Ritz.

     The interiors also have very much resembles with that of the new Swift. The steering wheel, steering mounted controls and the dashboard all looks to be carried from the new Swift. However we doubt about the dimensions them since the MPV would be a bigger vehicle as compared to the Swift.

     The rear glass covers the D pillar same as that of the Innova. Tail lamps are smaller compared with the size of the vehicle and we feel Maruti would have kept the cost factor in mind when designing the tail lamps. The waist line scoops upward as seen in that of the Ritz. The rear 3 quarter glass looks to be small making the third row occupants devoid of the outer view.

     The ZDi and ABS tag at the rear tell us about a diesel engine option with a top of the line variant which we do not see in Swift and Ritz. We have only LDi and VDi options in the Swift and Ritz.

     Overall saying, if Maruti can price it competitively like it always does, it can rule the Indian market for much more time to come.

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