Force Motors to launch a new MPV after its SUV launch

     Force Motors is on tip of its heal to launch its new SUV in India . The company has already started developing a new MPV for Indian market. The new MPV will be launched after the SUV launch which will happen any time soon.

     The new MPV will be a 8-9 seater targeted mainly at large Indian families and customers in the hospitality sector. The uniqueness of this MPV will be the interior space and versatility of a Force Motors vehicle.

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  1. Can ur CRDI engine increase the life of the vehicle so further i don"t require to buy any car in the long term?

  2. Why there is so much delay in the launch of Force SUV as they were about to launch the SUV by the end of last month are they doing some upgradation in the forth coming SUV?

  3. Reply posted on Vinay Pathak:

    Surely buddy it might increase the life of ur car as the one of the major focus of force motors was on their CRDI engine as it consists a 2.2 litre engine,which produce 140 bhp and over 300 ft-lb torque. So the driveline will be top class as like other top class SUV