Suzuki to buy Fiat’s 1.6L Multijet diesel engine

     In what could a dramatic development, Suzuki has agreed to buy Fiat’s 1.6L diesel engine to mount on a new car to be built in Hungary in 2013.

     Suzuki is tightlipped about the new car but we guess it would be a crossover based on the SX4 platform. Will Suzuki bring the 1.6L diesel engine to India? there is no news about it as of now.

     An SX4 with 1.6L diesel engine would be a great option considering the car and Maruti’s popularity in India. Bigger tyres, high ground clearance and masculine looks of SX4 with power of a 1.6L diesel could have been a perfect recipe for Indian conditions. Who knows, Suzuki might consider the 1.6L diesel SX4 in India at a later date. 

     What is more interesting is Suzuki not opting for VW’s 1.6 TDi. VW and Suzuki are in collaborative terms for mutual benefits and everyone in the auto industry had expected Suzuki to use the VW’s 1.6L TDi diesel engine. Choosing the Fiat’s 1.6L instead of VW’s 1.6 TDi has come as a surprise!

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