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New BMW M5 Revealed

     The BMW ‘M’ Series is one of the most renowned and sought-after sports sub-brands in the automotive industry, having produced numerous blistering fast examples baring the desirable ‘M’ badge, these industry leaders combine super car performance with family car practicality. Indeed the numerous iterations of the M3 and M5 have proved a worthy challenge in the past to manufacturers like Ferrari and Porsche producing cars costing double the amount of BMWs modestly priced but monumentally quick offerings.

     This heritage has been passed down to the latest version of one of the quickest saloon cars in the world, the new M5 F10. Official pictures released in early April whet petrol head’s appetites and revealed that styling cues from previous M cars were present in this latest example. The new M5 features gaping front intakes to cool the engine, aggressive, swooping curves in the bonnet to aid aerodynamic performance  and the famous quad-exhaust system featured on all M cars.

     Performance wise the new M5 doesn’t disappoint, 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds and the V8 Twin-turbo power plant delivers a devastating 560bhp and 680Nm of torque. This demonstrates that although the new M5 is more refined and luxurious than previous models, with its long list of high tech option extras, its focus remains on performance, and it’s still a drivers car through and through.

     Despite the M5 maintaining impressive performance figures, those clever German engineers have lived up their reputation for being ruthlessly efficient and actually lowered fuel consumption, so the rumours go. In a time when every penny counts, the aforementioned supercar giants will be looking over their shoulders at what is a less expensive, more spacious rival. The M5 once gain looks to set the standards at the top of the performance saloon market.

     This is a guest post by Mr. Joe. Joe is an automotive blogger who owns a cheap BMW 5 Series but would love to trade it in for an M5!
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