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“App My Ride” VWs Open Innovation Contest

     World’s largest automaker Volkswagen AG has announced the details of the contest it is sponsoring called “App My Ride” to create a new software applications to be part of multi-media platform in VW cars. VW aims to create the best of car infotainment systems in the industry.
     "Our aim is to invite the international developer community to take part in designing a future system," said VW Group research Chief Prof. Dr Jurgen Leohold.

     The inspiration for the project has been from the smart phones and its applications which enable users to access Internet and Social Network from hand held devices.

     The "App My Ride" project takes it inspiration from the boom in smart phones and the applications that come with them that drive consumer trends such as social networking and viewing Internet content on hand-held devices.

     Cash and non-cash prices of worth upto 14,000 euros are in the offering. There will as be separate price for student participation. The winner will be hosted by VW at a new car presentation in a major auto show later this year.
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