Tata Motors working on Rs 3 lakh car

     Tata Motors is said to be working on a car bigger than the Nano and smaller than the Indica aimed at Rs 3 lakh. Tata Motors is currently lacking a model in the price range of Rs 3 to 4 lakh because of which it is losing considerable amount of market share in the hatchback segment. With the move of launching a car around Rs 3 lakh the company wants to bridge the gap between Nano and Indica.

     Some time ago the news of a small car ‘codenamed X2’ from Tata Motors between Nano and Indica surfaced but seamed to be gone in the winds. Now its been official that the new small car is named as Dolphin and will be on roads by 2012. Industry sources claim that it could be a outgoing gift to the company boss Ratan Tata who will retire from the post in couple of years time.

     Dolphin might sport an engine with capacity of 800 to 1000cc. Tata Motors engineers are working hard to rectify the problems which they faced with initial Indicas and Nanos to make sure that their gift to their boss is worth the man he is.

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