Bajaj ultra low cost car to cost Rs 1.10 lakh

     Finally the cost of the ultra low cost car on which Bajaj, Renault and Nissan were working is out. It would cost Rs 1.10 lakh and will take on the world’s cheapest car Tata Nano.

     Currently Nano is price between Rs 1.23 to Rs 1.72 lakh ex showroom, and weather the Rs 1.10 tag for the ultra low cost car is ex-showroom or onroad is still not known, we guess it will be the ex-showroom price for the very basic variant.

     The ultra low cost car project took off 2 years ago and because of the price tag constraints, the project has been delayed. We can expect the car to be launched by 2012. Bajaj has been focusing on the mileage and durability of the car all these days and with Renault and Nissan co-operation it has finally decided to launch a car which will eventually become the world’s cheapest car.

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