Toyota has unveiled facelifted Corolla Altis in Malaysia, do we get it in India?

Japanese automobile giant Toyota has unveiled the facelifted Corolla Altis in Malaysia. Since Corolla Altis was recently launched (a year ago) in India, we guess we have to wait for some time to see the car on our roads.

The facelifted Altis has undergone some important changes in exterior, interior as well as under the hood. In the exterior it sports a new grill which looks similar to the earlier generation Innova, new headlamps powered by HID lamps mounted in smoked glass enclosure and newly designed taillamps. The major change in the Interior is the three spoke steering wheel and paddle shifters.

In the engine department, Toyota has planted a 2.0ltr dual VVTI engine in place of 1.6ltr engine coupled with a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) gearbox. The new engine and gearbox further boost the fuel efficiency.

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