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Chevrolet Aveo CNG launched in India

     Chevrolet has launched a CNG variant of its mid sized sedan Aveo in India. The Aveo CNG runs on both petrol and CNG fuel and will be available in select markets in India.

Press Release
Mr Karl Slym - “The launch of the Aveo CNG is a testament to the importance that GM India attaches to green technology and environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Its running cost is approximately 54 percent lower than a similar vehicle powered by petrol and 25 percent lower than a similar vehicle powered by diesel. Because of the lower operating economics and the growing number of CNG stations being built across India, this new offering is expected to appeal to both individual and fleet customers. Under normal driving conditions, the Aveo CNG has a range of 180 to 200 kilometres on a full tank of CNG and is BS IV compliant.”

The Aveo CNG is equipped with next generation computer controlled CNG injection technology along with host of many other features

- Seqential injection kit for precise fuel delivery and efficient combution.

- Stable performance of engine in CNG mode.

- CNG compatible engine - less engine damage in CNG mode.

- Reinforced suspension to support the additional mass of the CNG cylinder in the boot.
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