Volkswagen small car to be named 'Lupo'

     Volkswagen has been developing a small car to be positioned below the Polo hatchback. The small car based on the 'UP!' concept will be named Lupo. Volkswagen produced Lupo to position below the Golf from 1999 to 2005. Now Lupo will find a place below the Polo which would give large volumes to the company. Lupo falls under a new family which Volkswagon has titled ‘New Small Family’ (NSF).

     The 'UP!' based small car will be also be made by Volkswagen’s subsidiaries Audi, Seat and Skoda in their own versions. The Lupo is also expected to make it to India and positioned below the Polo at Rs 4 lakh. The Indian Lupo might come with a 1 L petrol K Series engine sourced from Suzuki.

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