Bajaj auto gets European patent for ExhausTEC innovation

     Indian second largest two wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto announced that it has been awarded an European Patent for its innovation on exhaust system ExhausTEC. Bajaj already holds an Indian patent for this technology and has already sold over 5 million vehicles with this technology since 2004.

     Bascially ExhausTEC increases the torque at low engine speeds (low rpm). This technology is responsible for the great pick up seen in the Pulsar at the end of 2nd gear.

     Extract – ExhausTEC is a device incorporated in exhaust system. ‘TEC’ stands for ‘Torque Expansion Chamber’. This world-first technology developed by Bajaj Auto improves the ‘Scavenging’ process. The exhaust system has this revolutionary feature incorporated, which drastically improves engine torque at low revs without compromising anything at mid or high engine revs. It has been extensively optimized to get the maximum possible performance out of the engine. The Silencer also has a characteristic tonal quality to it. It gives out a pleasant sounding low frequency ‘boom’ sound.

     While meeting the mandatory current noise norms, it gives the bike an identity, which is different from any other bike, so as to make it very unique.

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